The Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Bitcoin Now!

Bitcoin investment reasons

Money, money, money, and money again. That’s what our world is all about. Whether we want to admit it or not. At least we care enough to know that people do the most incredible things to get it.

For three Reasons:

Reason #1: We have an insane monetary system…

When “our” state monopoly money no longer had to be covered by gold since 1971, the central banks could simply “create” as much money as they wanted. Out of nothing. Fictitious billions, which have only the value that we attribute to them. And they have been doing it ever since – unattended. Magic? Just probably the biggest and most disrespectful backhanded bell for humanity since the beginning of our time – which we simply accept. So we work honestly and hard for nothing.

In my eyes, that is slavery. But it’s every man for himself to decide…

And right now, in the Coronavirus Crisis they are doing it again, in an even bigger scale than ever before! The USA wants to create 700 billion US Dollars out of plain air to support the economy and hospitals and to send money to each citizen in need due to the effects of the crisis. What this means for the Dollar? The biggest devaluation you can imagine. When will the Hyperinflation start?

People who have been investing in or trading Bitcoin in the last couple years are not all just profit hunters. Many of them believe that they are participating early in a new kind of money system.

Reason #2: We haven’t had any alternatives yet.

Money has become totally uncontrollable for most of the world’s population. We are exposed to the arbitrariness of individual institutions whose business model is to profit from the debts of all. We are only an invisible small number in the infinity of small and large numbers. And this is exactly how we are treated. Why are they allowed to do this?

We accept a corrupt, fictitious monetary system from the past that is inexorably inflating. Because we think in patterns from the past. Where it was still clear who gets how much and when for what (e.g. in terms of pensions). Today this is no longer so clear. Because due to this inflation even our saved capital is probably soon completely worthless. How could it be otherwise, if our money is not bound to any regulation – no more value. It is no longer in our hands.

Reason #3: Times are changing…

and that is a good thing – if we help shape change. If not, we have no future.
Everything that doesn’t want to/can’t develop or, from time to time, adapt, dies out. That is evolution.

The good news is that we are the only known species on this planet that can actively pursue evolution. This ability allows us to grow beyond our potential. We are creators – we create. We can’t let anyone else take that away from us. Otherwise, we are no longer us. In terms of money, we can do the same. With Bitcoin (and other Cryptocoins).

Invest in BTC

We can – now – help shape and promote a new, fair currency. We can take back our power from those who cannot handle it. We no longer have to be slaves. Because that is not in our nature.


There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins. That means no one will ever be able to create more at random. Bitcoins are transparent, durable, and tamper-proof. Just like gold – only safer and more up-to-date, and can be sent around the world at the click of a mouse.

Bitcoin brings us back our independence, our security and our assets.
Because in a future in which most jobs can be systematized and done by machines, many people – abandoned by the “false” money system – will be faced with financial ruin.

We must not wait until it is too late!

We can/must develop our future together. And we can start with a fair monetary system as a basis. There will be people who will demonize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for some time to come. It is our duty to teach them better. For a free world and a fair economy.