Are all Cisco products already unsecure right now

Although the now-infamous Heartbleed bug is being patched by several companies on the web site grade, the data encryption flaw also affects an unfamiliar number of marketing equipment from companies including Cisco Systems.

Cisco released a message on its site, caution that some of its own networking equipment and applications, which includes routers, Ethernet switches, access points, and more, is affected by the Heartbleed bug, a defect in the OpenSSL data encryption applications utilized by lots of the world’s websites. The equipment that Cisco recognizes as susceptible is probably used by privately held companies, governments, and other organizations though many of this equipment wouldn’t be found in the typical man’s dwelling.

We reached out to Cisco for opinion, and asked whether a patched web site might be susceptible to Heartbleed if the organization operating the site is still using Cisco hardware or providers to keep it up and working. Also read about SmartDNSCoupons for free IP changing on Cisco routers. Nigel Glennie, Senior Manager of Global Corporate Communcations for Cisco, responded to our request for comment, saying that the listing of impacted equipment and services “are maybe not going to function as the sort of merchandise which allow the exploitation of user data on a website.”

Nonetheless, that appears to run unlike Cisco’s own message, which states that “Multiple Cisco products comprise a version of the OpenSSL package affected with a vulnerability which could permit an unauthenticated, remote attacker to regain memory in chunks of 64 kilobytes from a connected client or host.” Together with that, the message also states that “revealed parts of storage can contain delicate information which could include personal keys and passwords .”

Our site is awaiting clarification on the apparent discrepancy between Cisco safety advisory and Glennie’s declaration.

Here’s the list of Cisco solutions and networking hardware that is impacted by the Heartbleed bug, based on the company’s official message, as of this writing. Cisco will continue to update these lists, so check back with this particular Safety Advisory site regularly.